Author: Anne Marie | Date: 4th October 2013 | Via Reef Builders
Another white tang is discovered, this time it’s a Scopas

OK we know you’re probably sick of white tangs over the last couple weeks but this one is different because it’s a scopas tang from the Indian Ocean. The images of this near-solid white Zebrasoma scopas come to us from Abyss Aquatics, an aquarium specialty store in the UK that carries a full line of fresh and saltwater fish. The white scopas tang sold almost immediately to one of their more affluent clients for a hefty sum. The white scopas tang is scheduled to hang out at Abyss Aquatics for a couple of weeks until it is transferred to a new large reef aquarium.


Author: Abyss Aquatics | Date: 4th October 2013 | Via PFK
Got £5,000 to spare? Why not buy a Flat head perch?

Abyss aquatics of Stockport, Manchester can boast the addition of a very exclusive fish this week – an Australian Flat head perch, Rainfordia opercularis.

This is a fish so scarce that only three or four are known to be captive in the world, with this one representing the first and possibly only ever import into the UK!

We contacted Anne-Marie Powderly, to ask more about this once in a lifetime aquatic treat. Here’s what she had to say…


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