Andy Andi-roo Morton

Date: 28th September 2015

Been to this store today excellent place staff very knowledgeable,good selection off fish and corals well worth a visit

Matt Jeavons

Date: 26th September 2015

Bought my full marine set up from Abyss last week and collecting it soon! Having worked in the trade myself I can be very picky but that was soon settled when I saw the quality of the stock and how knowledgable the staff were! I will be getting all my live stock for abyss and can’t wait for my next visit. Staff were very helpful stopped what they were doing to answer questions before I ever said I was going to buy all the equipment. A* shop! Defiantly recommend!

Andy Schofield

Date: 26th September 2015

Fantastic place! Fantastic staff and advice!!

Jeanette Houghton

Date: 26th September 2015

Great selection of marine fish-very helpful staff

Sean Lockey

Date: 26th September 2015

Hands down the best aquatic shop I have ever been to, friendly staff and very helpful.

Stacey London

Date: 26th September 2015

First time small tropical fish owner, Tom was super patient and helpful and I now have five little lovely ember tetras swimming around my tank!

David Stone

Date: 26th September 2015

Fantastic staff so helpful bought 3 boeseman rainbows last week can’t wait to get some more

Max Vernon

Date: 26th September 2015

Fantastic aquatics center, amazing range or tanks, products and fish and the staff are so very helpful.

I personally have dealt with a lovely lady called Rachelle, who had fantastic advice, was very knowledgeable and clearly knew her stuff. She was very helpful, and extremely polite, It was Rachelle who I was speaking to regarding possible fish compositions and care, explaining which fish I can have, and which I shouldn’t so they don’t do things like eat each other if you get the wrong ones etc.
She clearly loves her job, and aquatics are more than just a hobby

Tom is the other person I dealt with there, Tom i dealt with regarding setting up my new tank system. He knew a lot about the workings of the “tropical biology” side of things, and helped create a very natural and pleasing looking aquatic enviroment for my new setup.

I highly recommend this place, from simple advice, fish selection right down to full fledged setups.
The staff at Abyss are more than just employees here, they are basically aquatic fanatics 🙂

I used to use the aquatic center in the Hazel Grove garden center. Until having been to Abyss, I really didn’t know what a good aquatic center was like. The tanks are nicely laid out, all clean, vast variety of tropical and marine fish, unlike the place in the garden center which has a very limited selection, dirty dirty tanks, which are basically just pools or crud with fish in them, and I have been given plenty of dud advice.

Abyss is now my go to place for anything fish/aquatic related. I couldn’t be happier

Rohan Piyadasa

Date: 26th September 2015

Great shop , great staff , worth the 8 hour round trip 🙂

Ste Bedford

Date: 26th September 2015

Great place, all the staff are friendly, helpful and know what they are talking about you. By far the best aquatic supply I have been to. Highly recommended and well worth travelling any distance to get to

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