Ian Mcintosh

Date: 26th September 2015

We made our first visit to abyss Friday the 21/8. What a place, the staff were very helpful the advice was top notch, the environment was relaxed and the staff engaged with the kids. The stock was ace. We will be upgrading our tank next autumn and we will be getting it from abyss without doubt.

Paul Winstanley

Date: 26th September 2015

Honest knowledgeable advice which doesn’t end with the sentence “buy this chemical”
I like how everything on display is for sale. The stock is quality and always full. Staff are ace and you even get a brew on arrival!

Robert Sutton

Date: 26th September 2015

New to marine and this place is amazing, the staff are all full of knowledge and go out of there way to help you and don’t push you into buying stuff. I live in Leeds and going back on Monday.

Wesley New

Date: 26th September 2015

Visited today to buy some fish, staff are very friendly and knowledgeable, will definitely be back when we want some more fish

Chris French

Date: 26th September 2015

Visited Abyss today and was totally amazed at what I saw. What a fantastic place with fantastic knowledgeable staff. Everything is so well catered for. Dry goods, tropical and marine. This place has the lot at some wonderful prices. A drink was even offered! Don’t get that happening a lot. Most places want you in and out as quickly as possible. We even had a guided tour of the new extension that is being done. A true breath of fresh air. The place is going to be vast when extension is completed. I cannot wait for that.
Everything weather tropical fish, marine fish, plants or marine life is housed in beautifully clean tanks. There wasn’t one sick or unhappy looking living thing in the whole place. Truly amazing!
As for dry goods, everything you could possibly need is there. From small air line connections to 1000 plus litre tanks with everything in between. I don’t think there was anything they didn’t have and at some great prices. I was especially impressed with their range of Eheim stuff. My favourite brand.
All in a very very impressive place. You now have another new regular customer because after this visit nothing else compares.
Shame your a bit of a journey from where I live. But a journey well worth doing.

Keep up the great work guys.

Jo Smith

Date: 26th September 2015
Hi guy’s, me and hubby came in today because we found your place on our Sat nav “point of interest” travelling from Carlisle. We thought The Abyss was absolutely amazing, it was clean, healthy, helpful & awesome live stock. We did purchase and will DEFINITELY return, thank you for a pleasant experience 🙂

Vikki Argent

Date: 26th September 2015

I made my first visit yesterday to purchase a new Aqua One Aquarium. Fantastic place, really helpful and knowledgeable staff. Well worth travelling the 140 mile round trip! I will most definitely be back

Andy Croasdale

Date: 26th September 2015

Today was my first visit and I was absolutely blown away. Both the dry goods and fish room were amazingly well stocked, the fish were the best I’ve seen in any store and the staff were wonderfully friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. A big thanks to Rach for her help, my new fighter has settled in brilliantly, and seems to be getting along well with his Lampeye tank-mates!

Adam Jackson

Date: 26th September 2015

Excellent customer service, always give you plenty of advice and time.. well worth the trip.. thanks for showing us your expansion plans 🙂

Linda Napper

Date: 26th September 2015

I waited until my 2nd visit before leaving a review just to make sure as my 1st visit was stunning! There is an enormous variety of species, all well housed and comfortable in their shop tanks as there are plenty of hidey holes if required. There are no terrified fish cowering in a corner which I hate to see. YOU WILL COME OUT OF THE FISHROOM WITH YOUR BRAIN SPINNING!!! – I think some chairs should be provided for recovery! On my first visit I took home two fish and they seemed so well adjusted that they settled in well. I’d have got more but I don’t have the space which is soon to be remedied. Any of the staff willingly offer helpful advice and will give you as much of their time as you want ( I went on a weekday). Prices aren’t bad, especially the Eheim filters, competitively priced, which are there on the shelf – you won’t get “we can order you one in” No, you can take one away with you today! Trouble is, after you’ve been here you won’t get any enjoyment from other fish shops and will wait until you can have a big day out at Abyss! Don’t hesitate, just go and see for yourself. I will post the “here’s my Aquaroche build” pics soon.

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