The NYOS® brings you the future of Aquarium care. Leaders in coral care and fish supplements to ensure the healthiest fish tank.

Coral Care:

NYOS uses the best, uncompromised ingredients for a healthy coral system that is full of life and colour. Nature-inspired concentrates ensure your reef is well-balanced with extreme colour and growth.

Fish Food:

NYOS Fish food range includes popular products such as liquid plankton, soft granules of true algae and live phytoplankton. Producing the best nutrition for seawater fish and LPS corals.

Trace Elements

Improve particular colours of your fish tank reef with the use of quality trace elements by NYOS. We currently stock the Active elements, Active Iodine, Active Strontium and Pure Iodine.

Water care and fish tank salts

For a healthy fish tank, you can rely on NYOS to give you the water care products you need. Choose from an advanced formulation that will help to purify water and ensure the careful balance in your aquarium is maintained.


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Quantum 220 Protein Skimmer

Up to 2000 litres - 440 gallons
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Nyos 120 Protein Skimmer

Up to 500 litres
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