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Shop for tropical fish online. Abyss Aquatics works with only the best suppliers from around the world to ensure quality fish for your home aquarium. Browse our range of common but also exotic tropical fish that would suit your fish tank.

About our online tropical fish Guarantee

We only guarantee live arrival unlike some companies who offer ten day guarantees. We were the shop that actually started this as we were so confident in the quality of our livestock and our shipping methods. However we found that this encouraged people to take to much risk as they did not worry about the money. Removing the guarantee and making people risk there own money encourages more care and research, so actually save fish’s lives. However, we consider any problems on a case to case basis massively better for the livestock than a no quibble guarantee.

For top rate healthy fish the Supply chain makes the difference. We only use suppliers that provide the absolute best quality tropical fish with a focus on quality not price.  Just as important as healthy fish to start with is obviously the shipping method. All livestock packed and shipped with great care and expertise and only licenced couriers guaranteed.

Tropical Fish that you purchase, are from our own stock, as opposed to, listing fish we do not have and then rushing to the wholesalers when we have your order. Our fish go through many health checks by our professional experienced staff. Only once they have been deemed fit and healthy, they are offered for sale.

How we deliver Tropical Fish to your door

With many years in the aquatics industry, we know exactly how to get your ordered Tropical Fish to you in top condition.

Once you buy tropical fish online, your fish will be allocated to you, and will contact you directly to organise a suitable delivery day. We will never ship fish unless you confirm that you are there to receive them

To ensure safe delivery, the fish are suitably packed in Styrofoam boxes and bagged with oxygen. When necessary, we add heat packs to the boxing. Just to be extra careful, we double bag to prevent any leakages. Then, we secure the bags with void fill materials to ensure they get to you safely

We use a licensed courier to deliver your online Tropical Fish to your door.

Tropical Fish delivered Promise.

Nobody offers a greater choice of healthy, strong Tropical Fish than us. Rest assured that you can not get better Tropical Fish. You can purchase directly from our store or you can choose to buy your Tropical Fish online.

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