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Gourami are a group of tropical freshwater fish from the Anabantid family. They are native to many parts of Asia; Pakistan, India, Korea, Borneo, Sumatra and Malaysia are just a few of the many countries they can be found in.

Known also as Labyrinth fish, Anabantids possess a very basic lung like organ. This allows them to breath from the surface of the water. In the wild, this means that they are able to live in shallow and oxygen-poor water.

Gourami in the aquarium

Gourami are a diverse family of fish, ranging massively in colour, pattern, size and temperament. The Sparkling Gourami (Thrichopsis pumila) is one of the smallest, reaching only 4cm. By comparison, The Giant Gourami (Osphronemus goramy) can grow to a whopping 70cm!

Relatively peaceful, gourami make fantastic and interesting additions to many types of community tanks.

Anabantid fish display a range of behaviours, of which bubble nesting is easily the most interesting. The male will build a nest of bubbles at the surface of the water before attracting a mate.

Gourami are easy to feed, and will accept a wide range of dried and frozen foods.

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