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Clownfish Have to be one of the most recognisable marine fish species mostly due to the Disney film finding Nemo. Nemo is of course an Ocellaris. However did you know that there are at least 30 other species. Clownfish reside in most shallow tropical oceans and seas that include the Indian ocean, Red sea and Wester Pacific.

Clownfish get their name because they form a symbiotic relationship with sea anemones. They appear to be clowning around inside the anemones sting tentacles. The clownfish however  have evolved a mucus coating that protects them from the stinging tentacles. Clownfish benefit from living in and around anemones in the form of protection from predators that know the anemones will sting them. The anemones also benefit as clownfish will drive of the anemones would be predators. Nowadays we have many varieties of so called designer clowns, line bred variants of the Percula and Ocellaris in particular.  These fish are a great fish for beginners, they are undemanding and have bags of character. They will accept most foods without a fuss and do not require a large complex system to live in. So if you have decided you want to buy your clownfish online make sure it is from a retailer that you can trust. Our clownfish listings change when and when not we have stock but you can join a waitlist if what you are interested in is not currently available.

All fish are copper free at the point of sale and are kept in water with a normal specific gravity.