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The Abyss Aquatic Warehouse in Stockport, Manchester is one of the largest aquatic retail outlets in the UK. 

With a vast selection of high quality products and livestock in our new 9,000 square ft store, we are fully open to the public and provide:

  • a modern, well-ordered and spacious retail environment
  • free on-site parking and close proximity to motorway
  • an extensive range of dry goods at competitive prices
  • a massive selection of marine and freshwater livestock

‘We stock quality in quantity!’

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PLASTIC 🤮 It’s hard to quit it- But lets make a start-just remember every little helps! #saveouroceans

Plastic is everywhere. How can you reduce your plastic useage?

4 days ago
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SHOW US YOUR FAVOURITE CORALS! Here's are few of our top picks 👍😎👌
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