Marine Fish Food

Marine Fish Food. As you might imagine saltwater aquarium inhabitants, need a healthy balanced diet to thrive in captivity. You will find all the marine, saltwater tropical fish foods that you need here. We have foods that we think are the best out there from some leading manufactures. All of the foods we stock are what we use ourselves and are high in nutritional quality.

Feeding cheap or poor quality fish foods leads to poor health and vitality and water pollution.

Phosphate Pollution.

Some, in fact many, marine fish foods will raise phosphates considerably . Due to the fact that their protein base is derived from fish meal, and fish meal has a high bone content. Bones are high in phosphorus . True fish need some phosphorus in their diets but marine fish foods that contain more than phosphorous necessary add to the phosphate problem. Look for salt water aquarium fish foods based on fish fillet much better.

Unnecessary Additives.

Marine foods that use artificial colourants for instance, there’s no need and the colourants leech wasting carbon and other adsorbent medias. Your aquarium is a closed system it is better to only add what you need. Excessive oils, yes it makes the food more palatable but food can not be judged by the fishes eagerness to accept it. Because the appear to love it wolfing it down dose not prove it’s worth. We should feed what’s best for them.  Just as we don’t’ or shouldn’t feed our children on sweets and chocolate we shouldn’t give marine fish foods based on their preference, they will adapt to what is offered.

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