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The Abyss Aquatic Warehouse in Stockport, Manchester is one of the largest aquatic retail outlets in the UK. 

With a vast selection of high quality products and livestock in our new 9,000 square ft store, we are fully open to the public and provide:

  • a modern, well-ordered and spacious retail environment
  • free on-site parking and close proximity to motorway
  • an extensive range of dry goods at competitive prices
  • a massive selection of marine and freshwater livestock

‘We stock quality in quantity!’

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5 days ago
Comic Relief: Red Nose Day

So what would you ask the amazing Big Dave if you won?
Abyss Aquatic Warehouse

If you could ask him one question over breakfast, what would it be? Enter now for just £10.

1 week ago
The World's Biggest and Best Aquascape (emotional)

WORLD'S LARGEST AQUASCAPE 🌿 See George Farmer's tour & let us know what you ... See more

This is the world's biggest and best aquascape. Florestas Submersas is a Takashi Amano's giant Nature Aquarium in Lisbon, Portugal and was created by a team ...

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