Aquascaping Substrates

Aquascaping Substrates

Aquascaping substrates are the materials that cover the bottom of your planted tank and provide a base for your plants to root in. Aquascaping substrates can also affect the water chemistry and nutrient availability for your plants. Choosing the right substrate for your aquascape is crucial for creating a natural and beautiful environment for your fish and plants.

Abyss Aquatics stocks a wide range of aquascaping substrates for your planted tank needs. We have different types of substrates for aquascaping, such as:

  • Tropica Aquarium Soil: This is a high quality soil substrate that is specially designed for planted aquariums. It contains organic and mineral components that create a fertile and porous layer for your plants. It also lowers the pH and hardness of your water, making it ideal for soft water plants and fish. It comes in different sizes, such as 3L or 9L bags.
  • Seachem Flourite: This is a gravel substrate that is rich in iron and other minerals that are beneficial for your plants. It does not alter the pH or hardness of your water, making it suitable for most plants and fish. It comes in different colors and sizes, such as black, red, or sand.
  • JBL ProScape Volcano Mineral: This is a volcanic rock substrate that provides a stable base for your plants and enhances their root growth. It also increases the water circulation and oxygen supply in your substrate, making it ideal for demanding plants. It comes in different sizes, such as 3L or 9L bags.
  • JBL AquaBasis Plus: This is a substrate additive that contains nutrients and trace elements that are essential for your plants. It is designed to be used under a layer of gravel or sand substrate, where it slowly releases its nutrients over time. It helps to prevent nutrient deficiencies and promote healthy plant growth. It comes in different sizes, such as 2.5L or 5L bags.

Why Shop With Us

Here at Abyss Aquatics, we are not just an online store that sells everything without an experience-based opinion. We are also a brick-and-mortar store that has expert staff on hand for any queries you may have about choosing or using aquascaping substrates. We only stock products that we believe in and that we have tested ourselves in our own tanks.

Substrates used in Aquascaping are a vital element of your planted tank that can make or break your aquascape. At Abyss Aquatics, we have everything you need to choose and use the best aquascaping substrates for your planted tank. Shop with us today and discover the beauty of aquascaping substrates.

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