Tropical aquarium plants


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Tropical aquarium plants to your door. If you decide to buy aquarium plants online, then there are many suppliers to choose from.

Why Choose Us for Aquarium plants delivered?

So why should you choose to buy your Tropical aquarium plants online from us. Well put quite simply we are a specialist aquarium store and also have a fantastic reputation in this area. We have some truly knowledgeable staff that can ensure the Tropical aquarium plants that we send you will be just as good as if you had chosen them yourself.

The Difference

The big difference is that we are a specialised, reputable bricks and mortar shop that has traded for more than 35 years. That also offers the same high quality Aquarium plants online that walk in customers know to expect. Not an online only supplier that tries to stack it high and sell it cheap without the required care and Knowledge.

Knowledge and experience make the difference

Unlike “Mike” on eBay, we have many experienced staff that actually have made aquatics their career. That through their knowledge and experience can procure and care for the best possible live aquarium plants to your door you can get.


We have the knowledge and expertise to be able assist with any problems that you may have with live aquarium plants delivered to you or purchased in store. Helping to make your planted aquarium look so beautiful that all your friends will want one. Abyss staff have the Know-how and the necessary product Knowledge to cure any problems you may have with live aquarium plants.

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