Planted Tanks

So you have always dreamed of a gorgeous, planted aquarium like those of pro’s, then all you need is here. From mineral rich planted tank substrates and aquarium plant foods and fertilizers, all the way to aquarium plant microelements we have it all. Aquarium Co2 sets from the market leaders also substrates used by the experts. Products From industry giants such as JBL and Tropica. The more attention to detail the more your planted tank will develop into an eye-catching under water jungle. Give your aquarium plants what they need and they in return, will reward you with what you want.

Planted tanks speak to our knowledgeable staff

Don’t forget that we are a bricks and mortar store. So we have staff at hand to answer any questions you may have about aquarium plants, Substrates, plant foods, plant fertilizers and Aquarium Co2 sets.

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