UV Sterilizers

UV sterilizers are in our opinion a massively positive addition to any fish tank. Uv sterilizers if applied correctly can control all sorts of otherwise common problems in fish tanks. They not only help to keep the water in your aquarium crystal clear they also kill or control harmful microorganisms.

We have an unrivalled reputation at Abyss Aquatics for strong healthy and disease-free fish. Without Ultraviolet sterilisation we would not be able to keep the high standards of fish we are known for.

Aquariums are without doubt dirty places for fish to live on a microbial level. Microbes such as parasites, viruses, water borne algae and disease-causing bacteria can thrive. With the addition of a UV sterilizer the number of these microbes Dramatically decreases making it a much healthier environment for you fish.

How do UV sterilisers work?

Aquarium steriliser work by the controlled exposer of the aquarium water to an ultraviolet light source. If the units are designed correctly and the water throughput has been calculated correctly the results are fantastic. The water leaving the unit is mostly devoid of harmful pathogens that would otherwise attack your fish.

If attention is paid to our recommendations for flow and overall water volume in the Ultraviolet steriliser product descriptions, purchasing a steriliser will reward disease free healthy fish.

We recommend above all the TMC units because we have had the best results from these. There are many UV units on the market nowadays mostly originating from China and repackaged in Well known and trusted branded boxes so do be careful of outlandish claims. Manufacturers /suppliers are fond of the Phrase “up to” and this can be very misleading if not dishonest. Most Ultraviolet sterilisers are purchased to control white spot and the like but, the “up to” number does not take this into account. The numbers quoted are for bacteria that needs a fraction of the UV power needed to control whitespot.

For Example, we would recommend a Tmc 25-watt unit for 310 litres max to control whitespot successfully. However, if we were to use the numbers for Shigella Flexneri (Dysentry) we would be happy at 30,000 litres. The same is true for water borne algae and the 25-watt unit will comfortably deal with 2,000 litres and provide crystal clear sparking water but not whitespot free.

So if you buy the correct Aquarium steriliser you will benefit from all that the Uv steriliser can provide. Algae free, parasite free gin clear sparkling healthy aquarium water.