D-D Aquarium Solution improves the quality of your salt water and fresh water fish tank with the use of innovative equipment.

Want to make reef keeping easy?

D-D The Aquarium Solution aims to ensure your fish tank experience is an enjoyable one. Their specialised aquarium equipment make it easy to keep your marine environment in balance so that you can enjoy keeping, and growing your reef.

D-D specialises in membrane systems that will remove pollutants from the water.

Reliable Dosing Pumps

D-D are renown for their medical grade dosing pumps. Reliable in their construction and materials, these pumps ensure precision when dosing aquarium supplements.

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D-D DC750 Aquarium Chiller

Up to 600 litres that has reached 32c
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BladeRunner Magnet Cleaner Standard

Glass Thickness of 10mm- 15mm
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D-D Aquarium Chiller DC300

Up To 300 litres
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