Easy Reefs

Easy Reefs

Easy reefs® specialities are born from the symbiosis between Fitoplancton Marino SL and Veta la Palma, the maximum expression of collaboration between cutting-edge technology and nature. Natural products from our own resources.

Fitoplancton Marino

World leader in marine microalgae production.

Enthusiasm, passion, professional rigour, cutting-edge technology and quality are the ingredients that have established Fitoplancton Marino SL as a world leader in marine microalgae production.
Our microalgae’s excellence guarantees the highest quality products for your aquarium.

Veta La Palma

A nature sanctuary.

An 11,300-hectare nature sanctuary located in Doñana Natural Space.
Veta la Palma is our source of zooplankton, which we use as raw material and transport to your aquarium preserving all of its nutritional purity and quality under strict quality control standards.

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