Ecotech Marine

Ecotech Marine

Healthiest Fish Tanks

EcoTech’s innate understanding of a fish tank’s ecosystem allow them to create products that make your aquarium healthier, smarter and safe for your fish.

Vortech Propeller Pump

The EcoTech Vortech Propeller Pump is small, yet mighty. Ensuring all areas of your fish tank benefits from health water flow. The Vortech pump features patented technology that benefits from no additional heat in the tank, a beautiful wire-free design along with a simple easy to clean design.

Radion LED lighting

For brilliant LED fish tank lights, look no further than the EcoTech Radion lighting. Offering brilliant sophisticated lens that delivers a broad light through your aquarium. Radion LED lighting reduces shadowing, while ensuring the best spectrum for your coral.

Vectra Return Pump

The EcoTech Vectra return pump offers a range of flow options for your salt water aquarium. So easy to use, clean and set up – the Vectra system will even auto calibrate to your tank.

Versa Multipurpose Pump

The EcoTech Versa Pump is an incredible smart multipurpose system that will not only ensure wonderful water flow, but can also feed your fish. The Vera pump features a high quality commercial grade construction, ensuring a fish tank pump that lasts.

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