JBL is one of the world’s largest aquarium product suppliers. JBL has their very own aquatic research centre. This research gives them an innate understanding of fishtank marine life; ensuring JBL is always at the forefront of aquarium technology.

Technologically advanced Fish Tank Testing

Regular testing of your fish tanks keeps you aware of changes happening in your aquarium. JBL Aquatest water testing kits help you to monitor the health and wellbeing of your marine environment.

Even if your water looks clear, there may be contaminants lurking in your fish tank. JBL Aquatest allows you to stay ahead of any changes to your water health.

Aquarium Trace elements and minerals

The balance of trace elements in your fish tanks are as important as the fish that are in there. Trace elements in a reef aquarium all for biological processes to occur. In small fish tanks, these trace elements can be quickly depleted – potentially putting the health of your reef and fish at risk.

Replenish these trace elements with JBL products. Stabilise your reef once more with manganese, zinc, iron, nickel, molybdenum, vanadium and rubidium required for your fish tank.

Water Conditioners

JBL are the leaders in fish tank water conditioners. Whether you are setting up a new tank or changing over the water, JBL conditioners will help to ensure a smooth transition.

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JBL Maris 250ml

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