Red Sea

Red Sea

Improve the quality and clarity of your fish tank with Red Sea coral reef and marine aquarium systems.

Successful Reef-Keeping made easy

The Red Sea Max aquariums in conjunction with the Red Sea Reef Care Products will give you the clarity and definition you are after in a coral fish tank.

Specialised Reef Care Supplements

The use of quality trace elements is essential to the vitality of your coral. For a well balanced supplementing program, Red Sea aims to meet all your goals for your coral type. Red Sea Trace Colour supplements use the ratio of trace elements found in your coral’s skeleton – to ensure the perfect balance for optimum vibrancy.

Algae Management

Reduce nuisance algae and finally take control of your tank’s nitrate and phosphate levels with Red Sea Algae Management Program.

The implementation guideline ensures you will finally take hold of algae without the usual reef side effects.

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