Saltwater Fish


Our stock levels are live and accurate to within 15 minutes. If something shows as in stock, rest assured – it is in stock and available for purchase.

Saltwater Fish

Saltwater Fish or Marine Fish. Abyss Aquatics works with only the best suppliers from around the world to guarantee the best quality your money can buy. We now offer our famous Saltwater Fish online. Yes now you can use our marine fish to your door service.

Supply Chain

Supply chain is everything, keeping saltwater livestock can be as easy as freshwater livestock. Only if the livestock is of a high standard from the best suppliers that catch and transport the fish with great care.

Marine fish

Marine Fish that you purchase, are from our own stock, as opposed to, listing fish we do not have and then rushing to the wholesalers when we have your order. Our fish go through many health checks. They are wormed, fluked and cared for by our professional experienced staff. Once they have adjusted to aquarium life during which time, they are weaned onto propriety substitute foods they will be listed for sale.


Marine fish to your door. Once you have placed your order you fish will be allocated and we will contact you as to a suitable delivery day. We will never ship fish unless you confirm that you are there to receive them. The Marine fish are packed in Styrofoam boxes and bagged with oxygen. Heat packs are used when necessary. The bags used are high quality, but we double bag the fish just to be sure. The bags are securely kept in place with void filling materials to assure a safe journey. Then our licenced couriers will deliver your marine fish to your door.

Our Marine Fish Delivered Promise

Nobody offers a greater choice of healthy, strong tropical marine fish than us. Whether your Marine Fish is a tiny goby or a large Marine Angelfish. Be assured that you cannot get better Marine fish. You can purchase directly from our store or you can choose to buy your Saltwater Fish online.

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