If you’re starting out with a tropical fish tank or already have your aquarium set up, you know the appeal of tropical fish. An established tropical fish tank together with plants and decorations comes to life with the natural beauty of tropical fish exploring their new world. And that’s where the Fluval Bug Bites Tropical Granules 125g comes into the picture.

Fluval Bug Bites for tropical fish is not only a complete feed but also a powerful colour enhancer. The unique formulation combines all-natural ingredients formulated to enhance the colour of your fish as well as proteins, amino acids and essential vitamins and minerals. Fluval Bug Bites Tropical Granules 125g is the closest thing your fish can get to feeding in the wild.

About Fluval Bug Bites Tropical Granules 125g:

  • 125-gram size ideal for larger populated fish tanks and aquariums
  • Made for medium to large tropical fish

If you have smaller tropical fish, then Fluval Bug Bites Tropical Micro Granules 45g is what you need to look at.

How do Fluval Bug Granules enhance fish colour?

Chromatophore cells in fish are pigment cells. These incredible cells make use of carotenoids to produce diverse colours in tropical fish. Thanks to many research studies, it is known that diet plays a critical role in the depth and vibrance of the colour we see.

Colours such as Orange, reds and yellows are enhanced by a diet that positively supports the chromatophores. That being said, a range of other colours need more of a boost to achieve their full potential.

Just as many animals need protein for various reasons, a high protein complete feed such as Fluval Bug Bites Tropical Granules 125g will enhance their natural blues, greens and purple colourations.

Fluval Tropical Bites offers a complete feed while targeting Chromatophore pigment cells and supports daily protein needs.

Fluval Bug Bites are the best choice!

  • Easy to digest and absorb, so less floor waste in the tank
  • High Omega  3  and 6 content. Naturally sourced from whole salmon.
  • Omega 3 and 6 aids in healthy fins and scales, skin and colour enhancement
  • High potency vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
  • Free from artificial preservatives and colours
  • Responsibly sourced ingredients
  • Made in Canada

Fluval Bug Bite Granules provide the best complete feed choice for your fish outside of feeding in the wild.

Sustainable ingredients

Fluval has stepped up to the challenge of making feed that is sustainably sourced.

To create Fluval Tropical Bite Granules, they farm and harvest ingredients from sustainable sources. The company is instrumental in many charity and research programs to protect wild fish habits and coral reefs. So they not only talk the talk, they walk the walk.

Just some of the main natural contents of their formula for Tropical Bug Bite granules include:

  • Krill, Salmon and Shrimp for colour enhancement in tropical fish
  • Black soldier fly larvae for high protein dietary supplement.

Similar to mealworms for chickens, black soldier fly larvae are an excellent source of protein. The larvae are farmed and feed on fruit and vegetables no longer good enough for stores or markets. Once ripe and juicy, they are harvested for addition to Tropical Bug Bites. These little bugs provide exceptional protein strength to the formula. More importantly, they are repurposing what would have ended up in a landfill.

So a quick rehash, amazing feed for your tropical fish, less footprint on the planet. Fluval Tropical Bug Bite Granules puts many fish feed companies to shame.

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Need help choosing the right feed for your fish?

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